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Section: G3270-G3271: Arctic Regions
The file name is the map call number with one difference: in the file name an underscore "_" substitutes for a question mark "?" in the call number.
This is due to the fact that question marks are not permissible characters in file names. For example, G3200 [1562_] V34.jpg is the call number G3200 [1562?] V34.

These images may not be reproduced without permission.
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G3270 1634 M4 G3270 1634 M4 verso G3270 1735 T5 G3270 1754 G4
G3270 1634 M4.jpg G3270 1634 M4 verso.jpg G3270 1735 T5.jpg G3270 1754 G4.jpg
G3270 1797 K41 G3270 1807 W52 G3270 1808 L61 G3270 1818 G78
G3270 1797 K41.jpg G3270 1807 W52.jpg G3270 1808 L61.jpg G3270 1818 G78.jpg
G3270 1820 S61 G3270 1831 B34 G3270 1831 B341 G3270 1851 P6
G3270 1820 S61.jpg G3270 1831 B34.jpg G3270 1831 B341.jpg G3270 1851 P6.jpg

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